2 Reasons to Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Mobile App

  1. Better Engagement

Mobile app in Singapore are heavily personalized and they offer better engagement with the customers. Brands can keep an eye on the browser history, the past transactions and offer suggestions on the basis of the same. Apps tend to work on consumer behaviour. Besides, apps have better navigation experience and are less messy than the websites. They also tend to keep transaction history, delivery and shipping addresses in order to make the purchases easier for the future transactions.

  1. Customer retention

Studies show that if an app offers a pathetic first experience than 34 percent of customers would uninstall the app and use another one. But if a user downloads an app from a brand, it means that they are fond of or interested in that very brand. This is because they believe that the brand offers a great experience. The branded apps are more about retention. Moreover, customers browse apps more than the website. This leads to more sales and repeat purchases as well. To know more on the reasons to why your ecommerce store needs a mobile app, then feel free to visit the website today.