6 Ways To Proactively Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

A company’s online reputation has become increasingly important in recent years, with the internet being the first place many consumers go to find products and services. As such, every business must learn not only how to build a traditional advertising strategy, but also how to be proactive regarding one’s online reputation with a robust public relations strategy. Get started with improving your own company’s online reputation with the following simple tips:

  1. Keep Your Company Website Updated. Your company website should always be kept up-to-date. Go through once a week and ensure all contact information is correct and there are no incomplete pages. Consider keeping a blog or event page to keep online customers apprised of your recent events.
  2. Bulk Up Online References Where Possible on Authority Sites. Consider other ways in which a customer might find you other than typing your company’s direct website link. For example, you should look at how to create a Wikipedia page as this is a key website users will go to look up a company’s background.
  3. Thank Supporters & Followers. Always engage with people who take time to leave you feedback, and always be thankful and appreciative of those who offer positive feedback. Other users will pick up on this involvement and are more likely to trust a brand that follows through with its customers after the final purchase.
  4. Respond to Negative But Constructive Feedback. Where previous customers offer negative feedback, take care in your response. Ignoring all negative feedback, just or not, can often deter future customers as they will not see your company as responsive. So, where there are complaints that you can reasonably address or apologize for, do so.
  5. Hire a Team to Remove Negative Content From Google Search. Sometimes people go beyond a simple negative review. Sometimes, a company can find themselves in the cross-hairs of a negative social media mob. Or maybe some type of hit piece unfairly hurts your company’s reputation, and it continues to hurt your company’s reputation months or even years down the line. The best way to deal with this type of thing is to hire a professional team who won’t balk at Yelp extortion and will work to get negative content affiliated with your company taken down.
  6. Monitor Online Activity Related to Your Company. How do you know if or when negative or positive information related to your company is posted online? You monitor. You can either do this yourself and risk missing out on critical information, or you can hire a professional team.

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