Can Cable TV Stand To Compete Against Streaming Giants

Who thought that by 2021 cable TV would lose its stance against streaming service companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu? Well, it’s probably too soon to make any assumptions, because Cable TV providers have somehow managed to stay relevant even today.

Cable TV may not be as popular as streaming services have become in the last few years but there is a percentage of the population that prefers to have cable TV as an option. The internet has managed to fast track everything, allowing for viewers to view live TV on spaces like YouTube or Dailymotion but so have cable TV providers – many now have online websites for their viewers to view live TV from their phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Many providers like Charter Spectrum have even gone one step further and launched their own mobile apps that are compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Cable TV vs. Streaming Services

How do you decide which is the better service? Cable TV and Streaming services have their own perks but it also depends on people’s personal preferences and other factors.

Price is one deciding aspect of people’s decision to opt for either one of these or both services. For some, streaming services are cheaper than having a subscription to cable TV, while some may still prefer to have both options available for their home. Income is a main player in this situation. For people who have tight monthly budgets would prefer to have a subscription one of the services – whichever one benefits them more.

Options and Interest
Having options available is another key factor in deciding what service to choose, and here is when a person’s interests are the driving force of the decision. For students of all age groups, a subscription to a streaming service makes more sense because it is affordable, and also precisely since they have on demand options of different genres to easily browse through and watch movies, tv-series, documentaries, etc.
For the older population bracket like our parents and grandparents, cable TV is something they lean towards more. Having access to news channels and other national networks is what they feel comfortable with. For parents of the newer generation however, it could be different given the culture they have grown up knowing.

Cable TV Service Is Here To Stay

Most cable TV providers across the US have worked towards staying relevant in the media industry. Ever since the launch of streaming giants, like Netflix for instance, viewers felt that this was the future of TV, with many taking an incline towards streaming services because of their extensive library with thousands and thousands of options, at the most affordable rates. Many streaming services also keep rolling out fresh, original content to keep viewers hooked onto their services. It really is a smart scheme.

However cable TV providers have managed to stay in the game by broadening their services portfolio. The cable TV you knew back in the day is nothing the same; their services are more compatible now with modern technology, like smart TVs, smartphones and different software.

Cable Service Providers now offer On Demand libraries of their own, with hundreds and thousands of options in some, to select from.

TV channels aren’t only restricted to national ones, but many have added international network channels to their line-up. Spectrum channels line-up is probably one of the best in the country with packages offering over 175 channels, along with other Spectrum services at the most reasonable prices.

Many providers have even launched their own mobile apps for customers to watch TV on the go! Combining all these services, doesn’t it seem like it could give streaming service companies a run for their money?