The Cheapest Ways to Make Your Living Space Look like a Smart Home

Every homeowner wants their home to look as best as it can. Modern homes are designed specifically to ensure that any living space not only looks good, but is also incredibly comfortable and makes the lives of homeowners as easy as possible.

You can make your home comfortable is with the help of smart gadgets and electronics that don’t require constant surveillance to function properly. These electronics are programmed to learn schedules, save electricity and help you cut down on expenditures in the long run. This is why everyone is increasingly opting for a smart home.

A smart home comes with a lot of benefits, however, the initial investment can be a lot, especially for someone who has recently moved into a new home. Because of how much a smart home can cost to build, people often avoid it, despite wanting the comfort and convenience that all its features bring; fortunately, having a smart home doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. For a better idea of what smart products are best for your home, FirstEnergy is a good place to start.

Change Lights

Lighting is one of the best ways to drastically change the look of your home. It can transform any living space according to your preference, and give it a completely different look. Lighting creates depth through shadows and highlights, can change mood through colors and intensity, and is the perfect way to change the look of a home on a budget. The best way to do this would be to use smart lights, but if you’re low on cash, you can always upgrade your ambience using a more retro style, for example, through candles, old lamps and warm-toned string lights.

Use Smart Plugs and Switches

A great way to make your appliances look more modern and easier to control remotely is through the use of smart plugs and switches. Smart plugs are devices that you can out into any outlet within a home, and connect any of your appliances to them will give you some of the benefits of smart gadgets. Once you do so, you can control that particular appliance through an app in your smartphone, provided it is compatible with the plug. Smart switches do more or less the same thing; they reduce manual effort and save you both money and energy, while improving the look of your home.

Get Solar Powered Lights

A home looks best when it’s well-lit, but a lot of artificial lighting means increased electricity bills. A good way to avoid this expense is through solar-powered lights. They might cost a bit to install, but they consume absolutely no electricity, are very easy to maintain, and do not waste energy. These lights will keep your home perfectly illuminated, especially on the outside, and they look beautiful no matter where you choose to place them. These lights are the perfect way to transform your home’s exterior, so make sure you consider them when browsing for lighting upgrades.

Browse for Security Cameras

Cheaper alternatives to expensive home security systems are another way for you to make your home look more modern, along with increasing the security within and around it. Security cameras might sound like a big investment, but if you do enough research, there are always cheap options that you can find; these cameras might not come with perks like night vision and motion sensors, but they are certainly a good start towards a more secure home. Installing security cameras at home is quite easily and you can do it by following the instructions in the manual provided, so you will also save money on professional installation.

Use the Right Colors

Apart from lighting, the color palette of your home plays a huge role in determining its general mood and aesthetic. Choosing the right colors according to your preference will make your home look much better than a random selection of colors. The most important thing isn’t to match, rather, you should coordinate colors in one room with those of the rest of the house. This means that you don’t have to use the exact same colors everywhere, but different colors that go together well. This will create depth, contrast and add character to every single room in the house.

Install Components Yourself

When upgrading a home, an unnecessary amount of money tends to go into labor costs. You can easily avoid this by installing components on your own by following instruction manuals. Try to get appliances that do not require professional help to be installed, and if you need any assistance due to lack of knowhow about a particular step, you can always contact customer support. It is important to note that if you’re working with something as sensitive as wiring or exposed electrical components, you should always opt for professional assistance.


If you want a beautiful home with certain perks of a smart home but don’t have the funds for it, there are ways for you to achieve those benefits without spending too much money. With only a few simple tweaks around your home, you can give it a much more modernized look, and even save some money on both décor and electrical bills. Cheap home décor is the best way to achieve the look you want for your home without cutting down on other important expenses; all you need to have is a few tools and some basic knowledge of how to use them.